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Ask the Experts: Cultivation Virtual Conference

12:00 PM – 12:10 PM

Welcome Remarks
General Session

12:10 PM – 12:40 PM

Mastering Your LED Retrofit: Environmental and financial considerations for success
General Session
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Implementing a high-pressure sodium to LED retrofit could have the greatest immediate impact on your grow’s revenue stream. In this session, Ryley Leech—a cannabis solutions architect for Fluence and veteran grower—will discuss the logistics of retrofitting, what to look for in your new lighting solution, and the environmental impacts of moving to LED technology. Lastly, he’ll illustrate what you can expect to see in plant performance—including boosts in yield and improved plant quality.

Ryley Leech
Speaker Ryley Leech Cannabis Solutions Architect Fluence View Bio

12:40 PM – 01:10 PM

Creating Optimized Growing Conditions in A Controlled Greenhouse Environment
General Session
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Learn how ACRYLITE® greenhouse glazing materials enable the full natural light spectrum to reach your plants resulting in increased plant growth and enhanced plant quality for decades to come. As the world leader in acrylic technology, ACRYLITE® products have consistently outperformed other greenhouse materials in commercial, institutional, research and retail greenhouse facilities throughout the world. Learn how to achieve sustainable growth and cultivate profitability with ACRYLITE® greenhouse coverings.
David Morrison
Speaker David Morrison Technical Service and Compliance Engineer Roehm America LLC, Manufactures of ACRYLITE® View Bio

01:10 PM – 01:40 PM

Time Is Money | Cannabis Credit & Collection Best Practices
General Session
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In this session we will cover the growing issue of bed debt in the cannabis industry and best practices regarding credit and collections. Since banking and working capital financing is still difficult in our industry, cannabis companies are utilizing trade credit to increase sales and maintain an advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. Since there is very little credit data and tools available to make educated credit decisions, cannabis companies are experiencing severe pain points with customers owing them money or being paid late. This leads to a ripple effect of cash flow concerns across the industry. Many canna-companies either do not have the resources or have not focused on establishing a strong credit and collection process before entering into transactions with their customers. In this session, we will uncover ways to position your company to make better credit decisions and what steps to take, if in fact a customer decides to not pay on time. With these tools, your company can be in a much safer position to conduct business without the great risk of losing valuable cash due to delinquent accounts.
Brett Gelfand
Speaker Brett Gelfand Managing Partner CannaBIZ Collects View Bio

01:40 PM – 02:10 PM

Packaging as a Strategy
General Session
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Thom Brodeur, CEO of N2 Packaging will discuss the importance of packaging in the cannabis industry addressing how packaging should be looked at as a branding and business strategy; key steps to building a successful branding strategy leveraging your customers’ first impression of your company and its products; how budtenders utilize information from cannabis packaging, and what factors matter most to customers i.e. sustainability, safety, functionality and freshness; how companies can enhance their existing packaging strategies by incorporating sustainable and child-safe practices; and the cost benefits that come with various packaging materials.
Thom Brodeur
Speaker Thom Brodeur CEO N2 Packaging Systems View Bio